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Payroll Management Services in Melbourne

The qualified payroll management experts at AIM S Australia remain up-to-date with the latest payroll legislations, promptly adapting when any changes become legislation. We have many years of experience and utilise the latest payroll processing technology to carry out efficient and accurate payroll services for small business clients in Melbourne who want to boost their profitability. We will ensure that your business is being compliant with payroll legislation and that your staff are being paid correctly and on time.

Our Payroll Management Services

Payroll Processing

We will manage the wages of your staff and ensure they’re paid correctly and on time, as well as receiving any due deductions, leave entitlements and salary sacrifice.

Payslips & Reports

We use state-of-the-art software to keep accurate records of how many hours an employee has worked, how much they were paid, what PAYG and superannuation contributions you owe, and other details.

Employee Leave Management

Our payroll services for small business clients properly records employee leaves and absences. These details are put into the payroll system we use to ensure the efficient and accurate calculation of paid time off and compensation.

Employer Obligations

Our payroll management team will file all the required taxes and paperwork with the relevant government authorities on time to adhere to Australia’s strict taxation and employer obligation laws. This includes handling PAYG, state payroll tax, fringe benefits tax, and more.

Superannuation Payments

Our payroll services for small business clients can help you stay on top of your superannuation payments and reports every quarter.

The Benefits of Using Payroll Management Services

More Time to Focus on Your Business

Processing payroll can be a very time-consuming task that requires a keen eye for detail, and this will only become more time intensive as the number of employees your business has grows. Choosing AIM S Australia to handle your payroll management requirements will free up a significant amount of time that you can use to focus on other facets of your business.

Reduce the Costs of Payroll Duties

It can be very expensive to hire, train and pay in-house payroll staff, especially for small businesses and start-ups. You have to purchase dedicated payroll software, regularly update security measures, and eventually hire more qualified payroll experts as your company grows and its payroll requirements become more complex. By using our payroll services for small business clients, you can fulfil your payroll requirements without having to invest in building and training an in-house payroll team.

Compliance with Government Regulations

One of the most overwhelming responsibilities that small businesses face is complying with government regulations. This is crucial, as not doing so can cause a business to be penalised and audited. With the guidance of our certified payroll management experts, you can reduce the likelihood of receiving penalties from the ATO.

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