ASIC Agents

What Are ASIC Agents?

ASIC agents are registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and have been trained to correctly lodge company related documents and arrange payments to ASIC registers on behalf of their corporate clients. ASIC registered agents do not work on behalf of ASIC but instead act as intermediaries between ASIC and businesses, acting on behalf of these businesses to help them meet their financial information lodgement obligations with ASIC in an efficient and timely manner.

Duties of ASIC Agents

  • Communicate with ASIC on behalf of their client in regards to the client’s annual review statement and fees payable
  • Send clients ASIC invoice statements regarding fees that are due or any late fees that need to be paid
  • Download current ASIC search and debt reports for clients
  • Lodge change of company notices with ASIC
  • Prepare the business’s ASIC Annual Review Company Statement and directors solvency resolution and then send them to the client
  • Lodge ASIC documents for clients to ensure they have proof of receipt of lodgement with ASIC

Documents ASIC Agents Prepare and Lodge

  • Company statements
  • Invoice statements
  • Company debt reports
  • Document lodgement reports
  • Arrangement of payments with ASIC
  • Changes to officeholder details
  • Changes to shareholder details
  • Change in the company’s address
  • Share structure changes
  • And other documents

Responsibilities of ASIC Agents

1. Meet the client’s registration requirements before and during registration by:

  • Lodging documents with ASIC on a regular basis
  • Making payments on the client’s behalf

2. Ensure clients meet their compliance requirements by:

  • Downloading the client’s annual statements within 28 days of the annual review date from an email from ASIC
  • Alerting clients after receiving the annual company statement from ASIC to review the details and pay the annual review fee
  • Notify ASIC that the client has changed their company name

3. Lodge the required documents with ASIC electronically by:

  • Registering to use at least one of the electronic lodgement systems ASIC uses
  • Reading and comprehending the Electronic Lodgement Protocol (ELP)
  • Lodging forms electronically via electronic lodgement systems when required

Why Choose Our ASIC Agents?

AIM S Australia has a team of ASIC registered agents who can help our clients outsource their ASIC compliance responsibilities to minimise how much time is required for administrative duties, giving them more time to instead focus on their organisation’s day-to-day operations. We can complete the annual ASIC review clients are obliged to do and also lodge any changes the client’s company makes with ASIC.

The Benefits of using ASIC Registered Agents

  • Clients can focus more on their organisation’s core activities
  • They have extensive knowledge of ASIC requirements
  • Their services are cost-effective
  • They ensure clients always remain compliant with ASIC criteria
  • First-rate and highly accurate services

Contact Our ASIC Agents Today

For more information on the services our ASIC registered agents in Melbourne can help you with, contact AIM S Australia today. You can call us on 1300 112 467 or submit an online enquiry to book an appointment.

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