Foreign Resident Tax Returns

Non-Resident Tax Return Services in Melbourne

While any type of income an Australian resident earns from an Australian source is taxable, non-residents differ in that they’re not subject to pay tax in Australia for any income earned in another country or that came from a foreign source.

AIM S Australia has been providing our clients with non-resident tax return services for many years, assisting with everything relating to Australian tax returns, tax compliance and taxation advice. One of our certified non-resident tax filing professionals can speak to you to determine your residential status for tax purposes and identify any tax benefits you might be eligible for. We will make sure you meet all your legal requirements while reducing how much tax you have to pay.

Our Non-Resident Tax Compliance Services

  • Non-resident tax return services that take relevant taxation treaty provisions into account.
  • Non-resident payroll consulting that takes tax withholding and reporting requirements into account.
  • Taxation advice pertaining to both the client’s home and host countries.
  • Act in response to tax notices from the taxation authorities of both the client’s home and host countries.

Conditions of Being a Non-Resident

  • You do not have a tax-free threshold.
  • You cannot declare any royalties, dividends or interest that you procured in Australia during the period of time that you are considered a foreign resident if the Australian workplace or financial institution that you have earned income from has already withheld tax for you.
  • The capital gain on your property in Australia may need to be included if you are a non-resident of Australia when you signed the contract of sale.

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