Expat Tax Services

The idea of living and working overseas is something that many Australians dream of doing on both a personal and professional level. However, there are international taxation requirements that you will need to deal with.

If you’re planning on relocating to another country or want to make the most of the financial opportunities overseas, it’s vital that you seek out Australian expat tax advice before you leave Australia. You will have to complete an Australian tax return for the year you left Australia to move overseas, and you will also have to submit an Australian tax return if you retain some sort of recurring income source in Australia.

AIM S Australia is a Melbourne based accounting firm with a team of accountants specialising in providing our expat clients with Australian expat tax advice and expat tax services that are relevant to their specific circumstances. Our accountants are available to prepare Australian expat tax returns and provide tax planning and tax structuring advice to help minimise the Australian and foreign tax liabilities of our clients.

Australian tax laws change often, and this is something expats have to keep in mind. Our accountants have extensive knowledge when it comes to expatriate tax laws with both the Australian and foreign taxation systems. We stay up-to-date with such changes and use this knowledge to keep our clients compliant with any new taxation laws.

No matter what your needs are, you can trust AIM S Australia to provide fast, professional and cost-effective expat tax filing services that will help you get through all the complexities of international tax requirements.

Our Expat Tax Services

  • Australian expat tax advice in regards to your tax residency status in Australia and determining if your low/no tax salary is subject to income tax or tax liabilities in Australia.
  • Preparation of Australian expat tax returns that will be electronically submitted to the ATO. We also offer tax return preparation and compliance services for both Australia and any countries you live and work in.
  • Ensuring that your income is taxed correctly and not taxed twice. This facet of our expat tax services will determine if you are eligible to use any applicable international tax treaties to help you pay less tax.
  • Explanation of how moving overseas can affect a person’s Australian tax, superannuation/pension and social security, as well as an explanation of international tax, superannuation/pension and social security contributions.
  • Tax obligations of employers in both Australia and the countries you live and work in in regards to tax withholding, payroll tax, workers’ compensation, superannuation/pension and social security.

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