Non-Resident Tax Return

Non-Resident Tax Return Services in Melbourne

If you have come to live and work in Australia from another country, you might be eligible to become a foreign resident for tax purposes. But knowing for sure if you qualify as a non-resident of Australia for tax purposes can be a confusing and frustrating process.

If you are a non-resident of Australia, you do not need to pay any tax in Australia for any income you earned in another country or acquired from a foreign source. Naturally, any income that a person earns from an Australian source, such as employment, is taxable. However, non-residents of Australia are not required to submit an Australian tax return for their foreign employment income.

AIM S Australia is a Melbourne based financial firm with a team of qualified and experienced accountants, including accountants with specialist knowledge in handling foreign resident tax returns. We have years of experiencing in attaining non-resident tax refunds for our clients and have the expertise required to determine if you’re a resident of Australia for tax purposes and ascertain whether there are any tax breaks you may be eligible for.

Our accountants provide a number of non-resident tax return services to non-resident clients who wish to file a non-resident tax return. We are also available to help clients who need financial advice or investment advice so they can understand their taxation obligations. We work with our clients to ensure they meet their legal requirements and taxation obligations.

Foreign Resident Tax Obligations

What You Must Declare

If you’re a foreign resident for tax purposes, you will only have to file a non-resident tax return if you earned any income in Australia. This includes:

  • Employment income/wages
  • Rental income
  • Business income
  • Capital gains on Australian properties
  • Australian pensions and annuities

Conditions of Being a Non-Resident

  • You do not have a tax-free threshold
  • You are not required to pay the Medicare levy – you should be able to claim an exemption from paying the Medicare levy in your Australian tax return for the period of time in the income year that you are considered a foreign resident
  • You do not declare any royalties, dividends, or interest you acquired in Australia during the period which you are deemed a foreign resident, provided that the Australian workplace or financial institution that you receive income from has already withheld tax for you
  • The capital gain on your Australian home might have to be included if you are a non-resident at the point in time when you signed the contract of sale

Student Loans

Any foreign residents that have a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), VET Student Loan (VSL), or Trade Support Loan (TSL) debt must declare the income they made overseas. This can be done by our registered Australian non-resident tax return agent.

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