Overdue Tax Return Accountant

Overdue Tax Return Accountant in Melbourne

It is mandatory for people registered as an Australian citizen for tax purposes to lodge a tax return unless they’re beneath the tax free threshold or are eligible for some type of tax exemption. This must be submitted by October 31st each year. Not lodging a tax return by this date can result in the taxpayer incurring penalties such as having to pay hefty fines and interest on their late tax return.

If you’re concerned that it is too late for you to lodge your tax return, get in touch with AIM S Australia. We have a team of overdue tax return accountants who are available to assist you with your late tax return. We can help you get all of your tax affairs up-to-date and give you tax advice that can help you save money on tax in the future.

Why You Should Talk To Us

Many people mistakenly think that if they don’t lodge their tax return on time, they can no longer do anything about it. Lodging a tax return well past the due date can be a hassle, especially as there are often many taxation laws that need to be taken into consideration. However, when you speak to a registered overdue tax lodgement specialist, the due date can be extended to May 15th of the following year.

The first step to lodging a late return is to speak to AIM S Australia. Our overdue tax return accountant can look at your lodgement status with the ATO to determine which financial years you need to lodge a tax return for, what your income was for that year, and what exactly has to be reported.

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